BitDefender Package Repositories

Some time ago, one of our colleagues came with the idea of creating repositories for all of our products. Even though we all thought this would be something really nice to have, it took us some time to make it happen. Well, today is the big day: the first version of package repositories for our SMB products (BitDefender  Security  for  Mail  Servers  and BitDefender Security for Samba) is alive and kicking. Configuration might be a bit bumpy, but worry not, we’re working on it.

Welcome and be amazed!

After almost a decade in which we’ve been quietly developing and releasing products targeted at the unix-like platforms, we’ve decided to do that which others, in the same business as ours, did some time ago: go open about it. We don’t have a grand plan about how this weblog will work, so we’ll just start simple and let the world out there know what has been keeping us busy lately.