Mirroring the BitDefender update server

The product updates are done by downloading the new files from some update locations found on the update server (default: upgrade.bitdefender.com), to some local paths where the product can find and use them.

The update locations are version and product specific. For example, BitDefender-common-3.0.2-1 (part of both BitDefender Security for Mail Servers and BitDefender Security for Samba version 3.0.x) uses the following update locations: linux-gcc3x-i586-common-302 and update_is_90. For the exact values, see the output of the command:

# bdsafe live

To mirror the necessary update locations, you should invoke the mirror script with the update locations names as parameters, but first, edit the script by modifying the value of OUTPUT_DIR to the location where you want the update directories to be created. The mirroring command is:

# sh bdmirror.sh linux-gcc3x-i586-common-302 update_is_90

The script will create the directories linux-gcc3x-i586-common-302/ and update_is_90/ under $OUTPUT_DIR, containing all files that are needed for securely updating BitDefender-common-3.0.2-1. The task could (and should) be ran periodically for all the product’s update locations.

Next, you need to HTTP-publish the mirrored folders under the root directory of your site.

Finally, you need to tell the Live! Update daemon to use this update server:

# bdsafe live updateservers add [some_name] [mirror_host_name]

The command will add a second update server after the one listed under the name Default. The added server will be used as a backup. See the bdsafe manual page for more details. Another option is to replace the default server:

# bdsafe live updateservers host Default [mirror_host_name]

There is also the possibility to redirect the upgrade.bitdefender.com queries to the mirror.

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