Radmin 3.1 Trailer

We also have a video now 🙂

You can also download it from here.

BitDefender Remote Admin 3.1 (Sneak Preview)

It has been quite a while since our last post. Rest assured we did not abandon this weblog, we just lowered its priority for a while. =B Right now we are fighting our last battles with the packages for the upcoming 3.1. Meanwhile, allow me to entertain you with some snapshots from our latest radmin. Enjoy!

BitDefender and CommuniGate Pro howto

The BitDefender Security for Mail Servers product offers support for the CommuniGate Pro server, but in certain special cases the integration might not work entirely out of the box. The following article explains the additional steps that need to be followed in order to fully integrate BitDefender with CommuniGate. (more…)

BitDefender Received the VB Spam Gold Award

Virus Bulletin has announced the winners for it’s latest anti-spam comparative. BitDefender Security for Mail Servers has received the VB Spam Gold Award! 🙂

BitDefender Milter Patch

Some of you might have noticed that we have placed a patch for bdmilterd on update, with the title “enable the rbl-on-ip filter for milter integrations”. If you are curious about the exact details of this update, then this post is just the right thing for you. (more…)

BitDefender + Axigen = Milter Love

The BitDefender Security Milter integration saga continues after the last article with an new conquest: Axigen Mail Server v6. If you wish to integrate BitDefender Security for Mail Servers with your Axigen server please read on for a step by step quick guide.


Mirroring the BitDefender update server

The product updates are done by downloading the new files from some update locations found on the update server (default: upgrade.bitdefender.com), to some local paths where the product can find and use them.

The update locations are version and product specific. For example, BitDefender-common-3.0.2-1 (part of both BitDefender Security for Mail Servers and BitDefender Security for Samba version 3.0.x) uses the following update locations: linux-gcc3x-i586-common-302 and update_is_90. For the exact values, see the output of the command:

# bdsafe live


Postfix and BitDefender for Milter

If you wish to use the BitDefender Security Milter integration with your Postfix server, then follow these steps (all commands should be executed from within the ~bitdefender/bin directory):

1) Check that you have the minimum required version (we recommend 2.4.x).

# postconf mail_version
mail_version = 2.4.5


BitDefender Package Repositories

Some time ago, one of our colleagues came with the idea of creating repositories for all of our products. Even though we all thought this would be something really nice to have, it took us some time to make it happen. Well, today is the big day: the first version of package repositories for our SMB products (BitDefender  Security  for  Mail  Servers  and BitDefender Security for Samba) is alive and kicking. Configuration might be a bit bumpy, but worry not, we’re working on it.

Welcome and be amazed!

After almost a decade in which we’ve been quietly developing and releasing products targeted at the unix-like platforms, we’ve decided to do that which others, in the same business as ours, did some time ago: go open about it. We don’t have a grand plan about how this weblog will work, so we’ll just start simple and let the world out there know what has been keeping us busy lately.

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